Learn to draw the human figure!
with Derek Batty
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Themed Pages  Rather than a solitary figure on the paper create a collage of figures according to a theme.  
For example, pages devoted to caryatids, athletes, field sports, arms with hands, facial expressions dancers and more.

Monday 17th June  9.30 - 12.15pm  -  occasional spaces

Line and Wash  Take a step into water based media.  After creating a well-observed line 
make more of it using a brush dipped with water.  Good for watercolour pencils or pen 
with Quink ink.  Top tip: do not just wash over the line like a window cleaner, 
but carefully approach one side of the edge leaving 
the other side sharp and untouched.

Tuesday 18th June 1.00 - 3.30pm  -  occasional spaces

 Friday 21st June 7.00 - 9.30pm - spaces - drop in

Monday 24th June  9.30 - 12.15pm  -  occasional spaces

Beginners welcome
Two models

Drop in, pay-as-you go - 18 per session
Book of 5 - use-anytime vouchers  -  78

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at Buchan Street Centre
6 Buchan Street, Cambridge CB4 2XF


Draw with pen and Quink ink.  You can 
then wash the line with a wet brush to create tone.


Extend your artistic skills by drawing the figure in expressive life drawing classes. There is expert guidance to enable you to get the most from our inspiring models.

It is a great way to develop and maintain your skill in visual art and can form a core element in your art practice.  Here in Cambridge you can find the best classes which will inspire and enhance your art practice.

Art students will find the courses fit well with the demands of the A level and beyond especially in preparing a portfolio of artwork for a college application. 

Practicing artists also relish the regular discipline of drawing the figure. I offer specialist classes for those involved in graphics and computer games industries. In Cambridge Drawing we use a wide range of models who can help us with topics such as animation, anatomy and character.

There are regular demonstrations on a variety of topics which aim to guarantee success for beginners and professional insight for those with more experience.

Looking forward to drawing with you!

Derek Batty

Updated 16th June 2019

Earn Money as a Life Model 
Being local to Cambridge is key ...

Life Drawing Gift Voucher  

Want to give an inspiring present?  Why not a gift voucher to attend one of my classes?  Your recipient can choose between two classes Tuesday (1.00- 3.30) or Friday (7.00-9.30). 18 Email with your request and pay with cheque, bank transfer or via paypal.



Pastels Demonstration 
Step by step method of drawing with colour chalk pastels.  Beginning with a quick outline you then block in colours using the side of the pastel.  Follow up with strokes of colour to create optical mixtures. And finally, if necessary, reinforce some outlines.


What You Said About the Class

Anglia Ruskin University 2008
Cambridge artists show off their talent ... 

Buchan Street Centre
Exciting projects including Matt on his yellow motorbike.

Your Local Art Shop in Cambridge

Tindalls Art Shop, sometimes still known as Heffers Art Shop -  the greatest Art shop in Cambridge. Head off to King Street for a huge selection of materials. If in doubt, friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you select the right things.  


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