Sample programme


Wednesday  10.00am– 12.30pm

The Meadows Community Centre,
1 St Catharine’s Road,
Cambridge CB4 3XJ

Life Drawing
with Derek Batty

Late Summer Term 2022


Starting back with a five week programme on Wednesday mornings!  Not just a big interruption in our art but also a new venue.  We must look towards the essentials in our drawing class and try to adapt to the new building with reduced storage.

Great models in a creative setting is what I have always promissed.  But we may have to reduce the scale on which we work, perhaps being completely self-contained with a sketchbook and pen. 

For now I am only offering these five weeks allowing you to use up any credit you have in vouchers or those two cancelled classes in March 2020.

We will be meeting in the hall at The Meadows which has absolutely stupendous natural light.



Looking forward to drawing again with you!


30th June 2022     



Wed 10.00 am

Sample Topics for illustration


13-Jul 22

Line and Tone Quick Sketch  Use the side of the charcoal to loosely swoosh around the figure to lay in some broad sweeps.  Then carefully pick out a few key lines to suggest detail.



20-Jul 22

Extreme poses  Capture dynamic action of figures frozen in motion.  Be flexible in your approach.  Perhaps return to a figure if you do not have time.  Perhaps put the body of one pose onto the legs of another.


27-Jul 22

Erased  Tone the paper with a light layer of charcoal.  Then work your drawing with the putty eraser and additional layers of charcoal.



03 Aug 22

Getting It All In  Make an effort to set the figure into the frame of the page.  Use a viewfinder and make corrections, rather than settle for cutting off.


10-Aug 22

Portrait  Get the faces right.  Work from a single point of reference, the eyes, and gradually construct the face. 


Payment – send no money – use your vouchers or credit first

·         Late Summer Term 2022 starting the week of 13th July 2022  (5 classes) £78    You can pay by cash, internet, cheque or card.  Internet details are available in class.

·          A single class  £19.00 per class.

You can use your old vouchers to set against the cost of the five weeks;  and those who were enrolled for the Spring Term 2020 when we had to stop early are two weeks in credit.  This brings your Late Summer payment down to £53.


Models tip:  voluntary donation at the end of the class - suggested amount 80p.  


Facebook Group  Link up with others connected with the classes.  Search for the Facebook group Cambridge Life Drawing and send a request to join.